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Commercial & industrial solution process

To ensure that the solar system installed performs exceptionally well and with optimum efficiency, it is extremely important to have a proper site survey performed by experts.


As per the survey data, the engineers and designers can come up with a customised solution as per the customer's requirements. Below is a list of tasks performed during the solar site survey.

The inclination of Solar Module:

Inclination of the solar module is one of the most important factors affecting the solar panel's efficiency. Part of the site survey is to ensure that the solar panels are installed in such a way that they receive the maximum amount of sunlight for the longest period throughout the day.

Inspection of Roof Structure: 

A few aspects that are taken into consideration during the roof structure inspection include the dimension of the roof, its inclination, the materials used for the construction of the roof, the rooftop direction, and its load bearing capacity.

Shading Estimation of the Site:

The site survey expert must ensure that a large area is free of any shaded region to ensure maximum efficiency. If a shadow falls on the solar panel at any part of the day, the efficiency of the PV system can be significantly reduced. With trees and high buildings generally present around the place, it is extremely important to have a proper shading estimation of the site. 

Load Analysis:

Load analysis, or  usage analysis, is the comprehensive analysis of the essential elements like AC and DC converters and electricity usage. The process also helps analyze the overall energy generation and evaluate the units of electricity that can potentially be saved. 

Financial Analysis:

Considering the project's financial viability is another important aspect of the solar site inspection. Our team will will be able to show you how much you will save by installing our solar solution

Solar System Design

Using simulation software, we are to design any solar system of any size depending on your needs. We will determine the right type of solution which includes the type of system, size of panels, number of, and the optimal layout of the panels, the size of battery bank, the size of inverter and other balance of systems.

We utilise leading design software in the solar industry which include:

  • Helioscope

  • PVsyst

  • Homer

  • PVSol

With our panel of qualified engineers you can be rest assured that the proposed system will have been thoroughly designed to offer you the best possible solution.

Project Construction

We provide the EPC of the entire project.


Our project management and installation team have vast experience in various types pf projects. We always ensure that the goals and objectives of the project are completed within the stipulated timelines.

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