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Consumer Utility Bill Management System

Utility Bill Reduction

The What

We will install a Grid-Tied Inverter System. 
We will install solar panels.

These two products will assist in reducing the amount of electricity needed from the grid, AKA ESKOM.

The Value

A payback period is essentially the amount of time it would take for the project to produce value enough to pay itself off.

Our clients can expect a payback period within a minimum of only 2 years.

The How

The solar panels will draw electricity from the sun during the day, and be connected directly to the power supply on your premises in order to reduce the amount of electricity you would need from the grid.

The Service

We provide free maintenance and panel cleaning of our installations for 12 months after project sign off.

The Why

The initial investment cost is low, and has the lowest pay back period to any other solution on the market.

This solution would be ideal for factories, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, and more.

The Warranty

Our Panels have a standard 12 year warranty.

Our inverters have a standard 5 year warranty, with an additional 5 year warranty option.


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