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Solar Installation
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About Inverters & Solar

Installing a solar panel system at home can be a cost-effective and rewarding experience, and it can save a significant amount of money by cutting energy bills.


Here are some home solutions for solar and inverter installation:

  • Planning and Safety: Before starting the installation process, it is important to have a clearly constructed plan with measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

  • Homeowners should investigate their energy use and consider potential efficiency upgrades, and be well aware of their total electricity usage before choosing solar.

  • Solar Panel Installation: Solar systems are made up of solar panels, a mounting system, and a solar inverter with computerized controller.

  • Solar panels produce DC electricity from sunlight, and the inverter converts the generated electricity into AC so that it can be used in the household.

  • Solar Inverter Installation: The solar inverter must be connected to the system, and it is typically installed near the main panel.

  • Inverters are more efficient if kept in a cooler place, so if the inverter is outdoors, it should be kept out of the afternoon sun, and if it is installed indoors, the garage or utility room are usually the best places, since they stay cool for most of the year and have ventilation.

  • The inverter should be connected to the consumer unit to generate electricity, and a generation meter should be installed to measure the amount of electricity generated.

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