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Hybrid Inverter – Off-grid GF Series Single Phase 3.0 / 5.0

The LIVOLTEK GF series inverter is an important part of the off-grid solar power supply system. Built-in MPPT controller, combining functions of a solar charger and battery charger, this smart solar inverter can be connected to the public electricity grid or diesel generator and manages a photovoltaic system and a battery bank to offer uninterruptible power support for you. It can also run directly, with no need to connect to the battery or without an electrical network. Once this inverter is installed, you can use the free app to monitor your solar system both locally (with the integrated Bluetooth) or remotely (via an optional Wi-Fi &LAN 2-in-1 module) at any time.

Single Phase
Hybrid Inverter 5kW - 48V

  • Mains or Generator compatible.

  • Lead-acid or Lithium battery compatible.

  • Optional WIFI/LAN remote monitoring.

  • Functional with or without a battery.

  • Unique battery management system.

  • Automatically switch PV/AC/Bat priority.

  • Hybrid solution for off-grid/backup applications.

  • 110/220V optional.

Single Phase Hybrid Inverter Data
Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid Inverter 3kW 48V

Hybrid Inverter Data Sheet
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