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The Livoltek Smart Solar EV Charger is the most cutting-edge smart charger available for wall and column installation. It is compact in size, exquisite in appearance, and easy to install. Thanks to its user-friendly APP, it is easy for users to charge independently and economically. It’s surely the best choice for passenger vehicle owners to charge their vehicles by taking the advantage of the time of use tariff and PV system.

Residential AC EV Charger Single-phase 7.3kW
Three-phase 11/22kW

  • PV Charging:
    Livoltek EV charger is adaptive with all existing PV systems, so you can charge your car with 100% renewable energy.


  • Dynamic Charging:
    Livoltek EV charger supports charging dynamically to protect your home load without burning your fuse.


  • Safe and Reliable:
    Built-in 6mA DC RCD/Overload/Earth Linkage/Surge Protection/Overall Full Protection


  • Time of Use Tariff:
    Benefit from low tariff period by setting your local schedule tariff to lower your charging cost.


  • OTA Remote Access:
    Livoltek APP allows you to control your charger anywhere anytime, and supports upgrading over-the-air remotely.

Electric Vehicle Charger
Electric Vehicle being charged by an electric vehicle charging station

Smart EV Charger Data

Smart EV charger data
Smart EV charger data
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